Ignorance might not be bliss

Today does not look promising. Hope is being searched for in all the wrong places. Often people can’t bring you hope, or not the ones you want to have bring it to you. Hope does not come from an ex-girlfriend or ex-fiance’ for example. No, trying to search for solace in those places, from those people is often hopeless. It’s ultimately selfish.

If you ever let someone down enough for them to choose to completely cut you out of their life, that can be hard to cope with. Being removed completely out of a person’s life against your will can devastate you if you allow it to. Situations like that become even more difficult to manage when you may have thought you could have spent the rest of your life, a happy existence, with the person who now pretends you don’t exist. Learning to accept the fact that they’ve chosen to ignore you for the rest of their lives may be impossible.

If there are actual answers to quickly resolve the heartache caused by losing a possible future partner and friend from your life, they are pretty hard to find. However coping methods do exist to try to soothe yourself after experiencing such a tragic loss. Getting really angry is not a good way to deal with a loss that was ultimately out of your control.

Anger could help you justify whatever happened to offend someone so much that they end up pretending you never existed. For example, one might think, “I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s just the way I am, and the way they reacted towards me is just how they are. We can’t change. We are how we are.

Who knows, maybe this is true. Perhaps forgiveness, healing and significant change in a person’s core character can’t or doesn’t need to exist now. The world we live in now, people can be replaced VERY quickly. If one thinks they’re irreplaceable in someone’s life, they’re wrong.

All anyone is searching for is unconditional love. To deserve this we have to be willing to give it out. We will all end up offending someone whose forgiveness we will desperately yearn for. When it is made impossible to seek forgiveness from those whom you have offended, try your best to move on and not make the same mistakes with the next person.

What happens when you make the exact same old mistakes with a new love interest in your life, even after promising yourself you wouldn’t? You get cut out of another person’s life. Completely. That’s how the last little while has been going, and re-learning how to deal with such difficult circumstances continues. When you’ve found out once that the light at the end of the tunnel exists, you can be the reassured you can find the light again.