Speaking Emotions & Feeling Thoughts

A belief that all reality is nothing more than an individuals perception of said reality lends a lot of power to the individual.  While the vast majority of the waking world could be said to be interpreted through the eye of the beholder and that this constitutes what is and is not real, the thought does lead to a few problems. Consider only a small one of these complications if for example, one person says that trees do talk and that is something real to them. That person should rightfully be taken to mental health counseling.  Agreed? Good, then the point is agreed upon that any and all perceived actualitys should only be bought into by each individual person and temperately (within reason) applied to those things that don’t end up disturbing others and/or society as a whole well, TOO much.  If you want to believe something is real which is REALLY out in left field and if this thing means that much to you, if you have enough sanity left then probably best keep the belief to yourself or share it guardedly. This warning about the general thought of this article (described above) goes out not so much as a, “absolutely don’t do this,” type of a thing but more of an, “please apply within reason,” one. Now with some rules and certain extremes pertaining to the whole notion of an interpreted world being the only real one having been somewhat clearly set forth (probably clearly as mud at this point, but wait because it all may be clear as sand shortly) one could reasonably begin to think what sort of steps it could take to lead to settling on one’s interpretations of their own living, breathing world. So long as you feel comfortable having a footing on existence which is about as shifting and ever-changing as the dunes in the Sahara desert, a great way to begin semi-solidifying your viewpoints on reality would be to flip the norm on the things that go on in your head: to attempt to verbalize the way you feel about things and to feel something about your worded thoughts.

Before moving on in the realm of speaking emotions and feeling thoughts however, a few more certain ‘ground rules’ relating to what is real (meaning what can be shared with and digested as food for thought by others) should be set forth and adequately explained. There are specific levels which can be applied those things that do make up and which are palpable in the absolute world. At the first, the base or the very lowest stage is what everyone tends to believe about their unshared thoughts and emotions. Those inner base instincts forever locked up in our brains which will never see the light of day other than through one’s own eye sockets, are only barely argumentatively real to the person having them. Speaking on the daily, hourly and by the minute goings on in your head, as novel of an idea as it might be, all those things just don’t actually exist in any way other than as brief flashes of conscious awareness. The thoughts and emotions which most of the time occupy our waking hours are usually only in barely any meaningful way quantifiable, neither do they usually last more than a day (if not a few hours or MUCH less) nor generally end up as more than anything which can logically be described as having ever existed. The lions share of a lifetime’s worth of thoughts and emotions are simply mind garbage, passerby and somewhat in between instinctive reactions in our brains that might perhaps end up on a pile which will only possibly be used later as pieces to much larger ideas. Those lucky few notable perceptions will build on each other and move onward and upward into the next step where things can begin to have real meaning.


At phase two of verifiable sensibility in a meaningful world lie in those select few human urgings which end up as spoken word.  When something touches someone deeply enough to stir their insides and rattle their vocal chords so that a fully realized communication is spit forth, well hot damn there we have our first legitimate happening! Please, I urge the reader to take a moment at this point to ponder on the fantastic process which has taken place in the receiver turned now into a spewer forth of logic. Some thing, some outer or inner stimuli has moved upon the individual with a power enough to shake their faculties and arouse forth words. What an extremely powerful thing that is!  Realized words shape the world around us, both our inner personal one and the ‘outside’ world over which we perceive to have very little and probably actually do have very little control. But what might just tip that balance of power just a little more (if not hopefully a lot) more in our favor? Words! Delicately chosen and even more carefully brought forth from one’s lips, syllables and punctuation which arouse the innermost and most dear movements inside a human beings body; why spoken words end up nearly on the forefront of realism, whether perceived or not, should be fairly immediately clear to everyone.


As the second level concerning what’s concrete in this world as to human perceivability pertains to words of the vocalized variety, the next obvious step up makes the third level apply to written words. Another easy thing to do would be to point out how much progress humanity has made throughout history for which most of said progress can be directly tied back to having composed thoughts in writing. Having the ability to print how one’s worldview makes up their reality, and then having someone or people upon X amount of people read that and begin to believe the same things for themselves is an enormously powerful concept. Leaving out any moral arguments about how good or bad persuading someone else through prose to believe how you do might be, overall the concept itself is an incredibly amazing thing!  If the power of the substantiality that recorded words lends to the spark of thought is not widely understood already, then truly we are failing as mankind.


Set forth now is that 1) we should be cautious how far we take or spread certain ideas about how our perceptions shape reality 2) this first and lowest level of what is ‘real’ is made up of our never shared or ‘locked up’ thoughts and emotions 3) the second, more developed level of perceivable existence constitutes spoken word and 4) the final, most actualized form of visceral, persuasive and powerful real world truth is found in written word. After clearly laying all of the aforementioned things out, what can be said first about speaking emotions and afterward about feeling thoughts? Other than immediately seeming peculiar to even conceive how one could possibly use words to describe an emotion (try describing salt),  a second thought could follow thinking about the benefits of just such a venture. Instead of merely having to ‘cry it out’, conversely only beaming from the inside with joy or wading through day after day of feeling fairly mediocre or well, no particular emotions at all, we could all do better to lend an actual descriptive hand to just such sensitivities.


As aforedescribed, if indeed penned word is the most absolute form of realness then writing in order to as best we can fully explain our own inner yearnings is more than therapeutic: it’s lending a factual reality to something which is inherently most base and therefore could usually be seen as nothing or perhaps barely anything. Taking the time to pin down one specific feeling, perhaps a very specific shade of one’s own happiness in one specific direction (like differentiating between plum purple and lavender purple, two different shades of the same color) may indeed create a recording of something which can be universally related to by all society but which has never before been adequately described.  To tackle an emotion in words and soundly nail how something feels but being expressed verbally is something not easily attainable, but if successful would revolutionize all peoples connections to one another. Just try to imagine how great having a revealing document into how we all felt about something but which could never before be adequately expressed would feel. For an American audience and who knows, perhaps to a certain degree a worldwide one, that would be like having one paper that satisfactorily summates the turmoil of reactions to the 9/11 attacks. How much power would such a statement have to connect human beings to one another, thereby strengthening civilization as a whole? That’s the power that giving words to feelings can have.


On that powerful note but in exactly the opposite though nonetheless strong of a direction, consider how people may ‘feel’ thoughts.  At first impression the very notion might seem as if to be fruitless and therefore pointless. What could it mean to take something as inherently quantifiable as a thought and attempt to somehow sense our impressions of it? This process starts in childhood as much of the world has not yet been experienced and is thereby made up of not much more than a whole lot of wild emotions rather than rational expressions. Ever spend much time around infants or toddlers, heck really anyone under the age of 10, most teenagers or even certain adults?  We have all certainly run into those less than methodically sensible humans running around the planet, those who tend to feel and express in feeling all of their thoughts (seem to be impassioned over everything). These types of people certainly tend to be more artistic due to the very nature that expression as words comes to them much less than naturally, if it comes to them at all as any more than a necessity requirement of living with and interacting with others.


The idea of feeling a thought can be no more easily described than by a painting or music, or perhaps poetry where although words are used in the artistic expression, it’s less about the meaning of the words but rather the inner-awarenesses those descriptions invoke. Artistry is where one is led in order to share something where a clear thought exists, is perceived and decided to be beautiful (perhaps even in a dark way) and which could be inspirational to others but which cannot be properly described in words. We all know and can name at least one piece of music, a painting, poetry or any possible other artistic piece which has lifted us up and caused us to pause and reflect.  Those very reflections on such art reside in and lead back to the lowest and base level of humans perceiving and shaping the world around us. Although one could tend to the think that because this has looped back to the beginning area of the ‘perceptions making up reality’ scale that our inner comprehending is less important or meaningful than carefully written out word, but this is not automatically true.


Having already described three levels of reality in thought and those phenomenons dissemination into the conscious world, with the pinnacle being dictated word (not really poetry, there’s a distinction between the two), all those levels seems to be thrown out the window or at least undermined when talking about the end product of feeling thoughts being just as viable as clear, logically drafted words, right?  The answer is yes, sort of but not entirely necessarily. However unfortunate it might be there will always be certain understandable affections, understood by all men and women regardless of age, which escape description entirely. Likewise there exist discernments that will forever elude proper artistic expression. All of this, ALL OF IT, seems to go on and on in an endless loop. One begins by feeling something, wishes to describe it, either speaks or writes it out and is startled to find that the very thing which they’ve just so clearly set forth has caused them to feel yet again but something entirely new this time around. It’s human consciousness folks, and it’s up to you to decide what is most real about the world around you and what is the least real. Every person wishes to get their own heart-felt messages across as clearly and accurately, as REAL-LY as possible in order to hopefully just temporarily satisfy the inner urges of the specimens we are; ones which inexhaustibly and in a seemingly never ending cycle wish to create things, fulfilling a need to be wanted, respected and merely acknowledged as best as possible by others, all in a slippery, sliding world.



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