Drew Ray Daybell as of 06/25/16

On the website http://www.ultimafinalfantasy.com where the podcast I work in association with is hosted, a question was asked of me in the forums by a fan named skollhati.  Here is his question:

A lot of us listeners (I’m assuming) know Joe from other podcasts and have a pretty solid idea of who he is. What about Drew? Do you work? Go to school? What for? Hobbies?

For context, Joe is the other host to ‘The Godzilla Podcast’ which I work on. This is the response I gave skollhati:

Get ready for a mini-novel I suppose. So Joe and I have known each other for a decade-ish at this point. We met through a mutual friend and I believe it was over Halo 2 that we first kind of got to know each other. Joe used to host Halo 2 link parties at his parent’s house. His Mom and Dad were actually kind enough to allow about 10 to 15 teenagers along with pizza and soda to loudly shoot at and kill each other in a video game at their house, so that was awesome of them.

One time in high school I found out Pearl Jam was playing in Utah and so I HAD TO see them but didn’t have anyone to go with. Somehow because I just kinda knew Joe was into music (I mean he did play guitar back then too) I ended up buying him a ticket as well to come with me. So we bonded over that and it was a fun experience.

Joe and I have always gotten along really well. I don’t know if he would agree but I kind of see it as maybe a kindred spirit, we’re on the same wavelength type of thing. We’re both able to open up about our opinions on EVERYTHING to each other, from theology and philosophy to music and preferences in females. It never feels like we’ve judged each other in our conversations about things, rather actually listened and honestly seemed to care. That’s what good friends do I suppose.

Lastly about Joe and mine’s friendship, I am about a year older than Joe. I know it might seem weird to just come out of the blue and mention a seemingly useless fact like that that but I feel it helps in order to illustrate a greater point. I have never considered Joe anything but an equal and well, so much more than that. I’ve always really really looked up to Joe and for no reason in particular. Sure I can name off a few particulars for example’s sake; he’s very self-motivated and just driven to succeed in everything, is also competent at most things he tries his hand at and becomes good at those things very quickly and lastly but possibly most importantly Joe just carries a powerful, courageous, honestly friendly and very cheerful presence with him that makes him pleasant to be around. There’s almost no b.s.-ing from Joe and I appreciate that about him, a lot.

It may seem like I’m painting Joe up to be someone bigger than your average person and yeah for me he probably is. He is as fallible as anyone else out there, I just happen to really look up to him. I respect the guy and am extremely grateful and indebted to him for allowing me the opportunity to meet up and podcast with him over and over and over again. It’s always a joy when I get to watch and talk about Godzilla movies or just do whatever with that stupid idiot. 😉

Now that I’m done professing my endearing love for the man they call Joe (and Joe, yes you may consider this a proposal and I am waiting earnestly on your answer), I might indulge myself… to talk a little bit about myself. I was born in Provo, UT then grew up and have always lived in Springville, UT aside from a 2 year stint when I served as a Mormon missionary in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So yes I am kinda bi-lingual as in I can get by pretty well speaking German. Also yeah, about religion I don’t currently know where I stand on that. Pretty on the fence there although I am still fairly resoundingly Christian but am also just a very open person. It has been around 5 years since I was a full time missionary for a church and A LOT can change about a person in that time. One odd Mormon-y thing at least that I’ll always (hopefully, for my sake) abide by is that I don’t touch alcohol due to problems in my family with that substance. It’s probably better that I just not.

Growing up I believe I was just your average kid. Some things I absolutely LOVED as a kid were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Poke’mon and Power Rangers. I still love all of those franchises to this day and continue to keep up with their current iterations. When I was about 14 (so also around the time I met Joe) I started getting into metal music. That obsession started after being floored by the music video for Duality by Slipknot and just branched out from there. I am a die-hard metalhead. I go to a lot of shows and I play very loud music somewhat obnoxiously from my car as a I drive. I love how screaming vocals can combine with fast guitar and bass riffs and blistering drum beats to form hypnotic and crushing soundscapes to utterly obliterate my mind.

Some bands I am into right now are: Whitechapel, Deftones, Mastodon, Devildriver, Behemoth, Atreyu, Cavalera Conspiracy, etc. I think that Lamb of God though HAVE GOT TO BE the foremost authority on smashing skulls with their particular brand of metal music, that is at least my humble opinion. I also enjoy non-metal music like: Blink 182, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Green Day, Foo Fighters, No Doubt, anything Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, Lana Del Rey, Oh Land, the Cranberries, Gorillaz, and many many others. Music continues to save my life every day as it has for nearly as far back as I can care to remember.

To wrap this up since I have went on for way too long, I will finish by telling y’all the boring but possibly important stuff about me. Nothing like ending the post on the most boring notes possible am I right? Well a few years back I tried my hand at college and it wasn’t for me or at least not at that time. After giving up there I went into the work-force full time where I still work the same job and a half I got right outta dropping out from college.

I live alone, still out here in good ol’ Utah. Although no person will believe me I do live alone very happily because it’s super peaceful, quiet and allows me to be very reflective and read uninterrupted. That is me. If anyone else has any other burning questions for me which they need to get off their chests feel to free to ask them and I’ll probably answer them if they aren’t too personal. Thank you so so much skollhati for simultaneously encouraging me to write a little bit here which I will lazily copy and paste to my blog that hasn’t been updated in ages and for also giving me the opportunity to write about myself. Because I mean come’on, who doesn’t want to just write about themselves right? 😉


I thought that I may as well put this in my blog because I do really wish to eventually do more writing in general.  As this is some writing from me, then this works as a very humble blog addition for now I suppose.




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